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How is selling property in the United States and China different?

In the United States there is nothing like “”, that kind of website, because there is a much better source of property information, a system that already has 80 years of history, and is made up of every location’s broker associations. The most important function is to share property information across the whole of the United States. Each and every broker can put property information into this system, so the details on every property on the market that is in this network are clear.

If you want to find a property in the United States you don’t need to travel all over talking to different brokers, you don’t need to consult with many real estate companies, you don’t need to search all the real estate websites, and you don’t have to search through all the advertisements in the media; you only need to find one real estate agent. Tell this agent which requirements you have for property, such as how big, how many bedrooms, your budget, etc. With this information the agent can search the broker network and find properties that match your requirements.


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